Find The Natural Solution To Your Mildewy And Smelly Basements Problem

Don’t feel bad because basements frequently have that old, mildewy smell. Deodorizers and air fresheners make it smell better, but the effect is a temporary mask. It is far more important in the long run to get the odor under control and fix the problem cause before it worsens.

There are 2 easy steps to take when it comes to basement odors:
– Remove or repair the problem that is causing the foul smell.
– Clean the area to reduce the smell, control and prevent any odor from coming back.

Luckily, there are some common things that cause the odor to develop, and they are easily fixed. Find the solution to your odor problem by following these tips below.

Natural Solutions for Your Mildewy & Smelly Basements

You need to clean up moldy areas and scrub away visible stains.

Borax is the perfect thing to use to clean this because it’s a natural mineral cleaner that also kills fungus (fungicide) and prevents further regrowth. It’s used in laundry soap.

For Cleaning

To make your mold and mildew cleaning solution mix the following in a bucket:

– one cup of borax cleaner
– one gallon of hot water

Use a scrub brush to clean the area and follow with a rinse of clean water as borax will leave a residue.

For Stains

Remove stains and fight off mold and mildew regrowth with a bleach and water solution:

– 2 cups of bleach
– 2 quarts of hot water

Pour the solution into a spray bottle and work your way around spraying areas where you see visible staining or the areas that are suspect for causing odor problems. Keep in mind that there is water in this solution, so use sparingly to avoid contributing to a moisture problem.

Bleach will liquefy, sanitize and remove the color on contact, depending on the surface it’s being used on.

Here you have them! Perfect natural solutions that will eliminate unpleasant odors from your basement. And, with the Christmas coming, cleaning the basement should complete the entire process! Happy Holidays!

Image Credits: Mold vs Mildew


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