Natural And Very Efficient Cleaning Tips For Your Bathroom

There are ways you can keep bathroom surfaces spic and span using natural cleaning products.

You may have to do some serious deep cleaning first, but if you follow some tips for efficiency from there on out, the bathroom will practically clean itself.

Below are some natural recipes and tips to speed up the cleaning job and make it much more efficient.

Natural Homemade Cleaning Recipes

This recipes work quickly, and best of all are natural so you don’t have to worry about adding toxins to the environment.

Shower doors, Mirrors, Bathroom Countertops, Toilets and Floors

1 Cup Vinegar
1 Gallon Water

Mix the vinegar with the water. Vinegar is natural disinfectant and deodorizer. And don’t worry about the smell, it will dissipate quickly. Using this on floors will leave them squeaky clean and your countertops sparkling. There is no rinsing involved as no filmy residue is left behind.

If there is any marble in your bathroom, do not get vinegar on the marble, it can damage it.

Cleaning Shower Doors

Standard white vinegar is an excellent solution for water spotted, stained shower doors. Using the recipe above for shower doors, spray the doors, leave for about 30 minutes then wipe down, rinse. Repeat if necessary before drying.

Cleaning the Toilet

Some of the vinegar and water solution can work wonders here. If stains are particularly bad, use straight vinegar and let it sit for a time. Finish off cleaning the toilet by scrubbing thoroughly. If stains are not coming out, try bleach or a pumice stone.

Cleaning Bathroom Floors

Using the vinegar and water recipe can deep clean most floors quickly and offer a sanitizing effect. Keep in mind that marble and vinegar do not mix well.

If you have any marble in your bathroom, take care not to let the vinegar come in contact with the marble. If it does, rinse immediately.


Again, using vinegar and water works well here. If you have granite or marble counters, however, don’t use this solution. Straight water or water and a mild soap will get the job done.


The vinegar and water solution will work well here. It’s best to use lint-free towels or newspaper to wipe down mirrors to avoid streaking.

Bathroom Tiles and Tub

Use a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water to clean the tub and surrounding tiles. Using this on a regular basis will help cut back on the soap scum.

If the tile and tub area is really bad, try bleach and water in a spray bottle with a sponge to wipe things down. This can help you tackle the grout and the tile itself all at once.

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