Clean Up Your Garage To Look More Organized Than Ever

Your car garage became too small because of the commotion? If yes then it is time to reorganize the space in question.

Things that you need all the time are hiding in cardboard boxes or plastic bags? Then surely you have to rearrange space for the garage.

Here are some ideas to help you:

The old place was nothing but a dark and airless room? Now is the time to change the color of the walls in light and refreshing shades.

We advise you to opt for combinations of colors: white and green, white and orange and pale yellow or pale green.

Upon contact with light, white room will open and will give a feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness.

Because things in the garage should always be in sight you can opt for wooden shelves. Beat a few nails and fix shelves.

If they once belonged to the kitchen you can repaint them in a pleasant shade in sight.

Put on the shelves cartons in which you have organized small work tools, nails, screws and so on.
Some work tools that you use most often you can hang them directly on the wall. In this way they will be easy to find.

Small changes of the shelves can be of great help. Make holes in horizontal plank and your tools will have a special place near the desk. In those holes you can sit screwdrivers, clamps and other tools.

On the left peg you can hang a hanger. The bar at the bottom of it may serve as insulation for duct tape and glue.

A telescopic leg lamp will help you position the light according to need.

Office work needs to be built with many drawers. Spacers it will be very helpful when you want to organize their content.

Attach a magnetic strip on your shelf to “stick” drill bits. This practical way of your organization can save time and energy.

For storage of toxic substances purchases a metal cabinet with a padlock. This solution is useful if the little ones always roving through things.

Some metal in an “s” shape will organize tools for gardening. In this way it will always be stored dry and stable.

Cupboards on wheels type toolbox can be an option for you. Everything becomes simple when you do not waste your time looking for tools from left to right. Due to the rolls, cabinet can be moved anywhere you want.

Use a multifunctional support for hockey sticks, balls of basketball or volleyball, roller skates.

If I have been helpful then you just have to put into practice these ingenious ideas. Good luck!

Image Credits: FastTrack Garage Organization System


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