5 Incredible Uses Of Toothpaste In Your Home

If, usually, we use toothpaste for maintenance of teeth, it’s time to know that it can also be used in home cleaning, having many uses.

Toothpaste is a product we use for cleaning and improving the health and appearance of your teeth. This helps remove plaque and food debris, preventing various diseases of gums and teeth. The most important and known toothpaste ingredient that it contains is sodium fluoride, which protects against cavities. But there are also other uses.

1. Metal Surfaces

Metal surfaces are best to be cleaned with toothpaste. You can clean jewelry with toothpaste, and door handles, or appliances. All you have to do is apply toothpaste and rub gently with a soft brush objects. Afterwards, rinse with cold water and wipe with a tissue paper.

2. Stains on walls

If children drew on the walls of your home, you should not panic. You can remove residues with toothpaste. On a damp cloth, apply some toothpaste and wipe the walls with it. You might notice that the stains were gone.

3. The iron

After some time, the iron tends to yellow. Clean it with a little toothpaste, and after you’ve removed the stains, wipe with a dry iron.

4. Unpleasant odors

Smells of food often are difficult to remove. If the chopper, refrigerator or trash gained an unpleasant odor, use toothpaste to get rid of him. Apply a teaspoon of toothpaste and rub those objects, then rinse with warm water.

5. Stains on fabric

Both tea and wine stains are a real challenge when you have to eliminate them. Many housewives resort to tricks or professional products to remove them, without knowing that they can use even toothpaste. If you apply it as soon as stains got on materials, you can easily get rid of them. Cover them with a generous amount of toothpaste, rub the surface, and then leave it for about 20 minutes. After this time has elapsed, wash the fabric; if stains have not totally disappeared, repeat the steps.


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