4 Tips For Cleaning Glass Cooktop

The glass cooktop, with electrical resistance or induction, is gaining ground against classical stoves. Besides the functioning of glass cooktop, what draws heavily on these cooking devices is the design: glass ceramic material gives the kitchen an elegant and modern air. If you’re thinking about investing in this, you should know that maintenance or cleaning them is more demanding than that of a classic stove.

1. Use only products that won’t scratch the glass surface

To clean glass cooktop is advisable to use only natural products specifically designed for these cooking devices. So, you could use these handy ingredients you already have in your home: baking soda, liquid detergent and hydrogen peroxide.

It is safest to use a neutral detergent liquid. You can also use paper towels, dish cloths or towels for soft materials to remove dirt from the glass. Also for hardened dirt you could use a glass scraper, bought in any supermarket you can find.

It is not advisable to use powder detergents, sprays for removing grease, wire sponges or harsh synthetic sponges because these can scratch the surface and reduces its lifespan.

2. Remove dirt with mild detergent and water

For the best possible maintenance of the glass cooktop, you should clean the surface after each use. For light dirt, you can use a soft towel soaked in warm water and liquid detergent.

3. Clean burnt sugar with a scraper

If you spill sugar on a hot plate or plastic object on the hot plate, do not wait for it to cool, because then is harder to clean it. It is essential to act immediately with a special scraper.

4. Clean dirt and hardened fat with a special natural recipe

If you did not clean the glass cooktop at time and there gathered grease dirt and a consistent layer, it is better to use liquid detergent for starters and a damp cloth. Rub the surface lightly, then sits down on the dirty cloth for 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile, the dirt should become easier to remove. Use the scraper to get rid of grease and dirt.

If there are still stains or if the situation is even worse, you can try this remedy with three ingredients:
– Sprinkle some liquid soap on the cooktop
– Add 1 or 2 tablespoon of baking soda depending on the size of the stains
– Add the same amount of hydrogen peroxide, covering everything from the above
– Start to scrub easily using even a toothbrush, mixing all the ingredients
– Let the mixture to act for a few minutes
– With a microfiber cloth, clean everything

Let the stove dry a little and then wipe clean and watch the miracle you just did! Take a look at your glass cooktop and be proud!

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