13 Surprising Uses Of Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the ingredients with many uses. We have chosen the most essential and most beneficial. We hope to be helpful.

1. Destroy weeds from the garden. Due to high concentration of acetic acid composition that we find in vinegar, we can use it instead of commercial pesticides when weeds ruin our garden courtyard.

2. Remove the hardened grease from the dishes. Pour vinegar over the dishes with hardened grease and leave it to soak. As soon as the vinegar begins to act, the grease will come off by itself.

3. Provide shine to stainless steel objects. Products for cleaning stainless steel items have an unpleasant odor and often toxic. You can use with confidence vinegar for cleaning instructions and you’ll immediately see the difference.

4. Dissolve rust due to acetic acid content. It comes into contact with oxidized metal and restores radiance successfully removing rust stains.

5. Extend the life of fresh cut flowers that tend to fade away. If we put 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar in the water, these flowers will last much longer.

6. Remove the smell of smoke. Whether it is cigarette smoke or smoke from the food that you just burned it, you can remove with a bowl of vinegar placed in the room.

7. Clean your computer and all its components. Prepare a solution of equal parts vinegar and water with which to wipe the computer and its accessories. It will look better, and the dust will settle much harder.

8. Replace solution to clean the refrigerator and remove odors from it. When you wash your refrigerator make sure you put a little vinegar in the rinse water. It will shine and it will have a fresh air.

9. Provide glow to old silver jewelery which were blackened. Unless you opt for the traditional method with toothpaste, you can wipe jewelry with a cloth soaked in vinegar and they will regain their brilliance.

10. Remove unpleasant smell of the plastic containers that manage to catch a strong smell if used daily or often enough. Rinse them with apple vinegar and that’s it.

11. It prevents the windows from freezing in winter car if you need to park the car outside. Make a solution of three parts vinegar and one part water to spray on the windows and you got rid of worries.

12. Clean great flasks of coffee or tea immediately they catch a strange smell. Fill the thermos with warm water and pour a quarter cup of vinegar. Leave on for several minutes and then rinse.

13. Destroy bacteria from meat and it tenderizers it. Apple cider vinegar is known for its tenderness that makes even the hottest meat better. At the same time it destroys any bacteria that may exist in such meat.

Image Credits: Apple vinegar via Shutterstock


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