Tips For Cleaning To Prevent Dust Mites, Mold and Bacteria Of Cold Season

Winter is coming and we’ll stay even more in our home, so cleaning is a priority, especially for our health.

In this time of winter holidays, cleanliness can give you many headaches, but you should know that is not so difficult to do your time for some order in the house. The hardest part is the beginning! It is important to not leave everything to the last minute.

• You will wrap yourself in bed more often, day and night, so you have to wash more frequently.
• If you will snuggle on the couch with the TV nibble, do not forget to vacuum the couch surface at least weekly.
• Disinfect the TV remote control.
• Use disinfectant wipes for the handles.
• Clean the air conditioning, radiator or other sources of heating and ventilation using the vacuum cleaner.
• Wash towels hands frequently for microbes survive longer in cold weather on the textile surface.

The main allergens in our homes are dust mites, microscopic organisms that feed on dead skin, mold and bacteria. It does not sound too good, right?

Carpets, bedding, sheets, bath sponges and different areas of the house keeps debris microscopic residues and therefore can turn into real “breeders” for mites, bacteria and fungi that can cause allergies and various other diseases. To keep them at a distance, it is necessary to know how to clean your home and properly sanitize it.


Bedding should be changed at least once a week. When buying bedding, you might want to consider this aspect. Choose a fabric easy to clean, resistant to high temperatures and frequent washings without too many prints (high temperatures may damage them).

Some sheets can be large and difficult to machine, so it is recommended to use multiple layers of thin sheets than one and very thick. Because most beds take dust and allergens, it is recommended to choose washable bedding often.

Carpets and rugs

Carpets and rugs are hard to clean and because of this, most of us rarely wash them. Some carpet fibers gather dust, crumbs and various debris, which may constitute an environment for various allergens. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner should not be used lightly, just to remove visible dirt.

It is necessary to insist as much on carpets because the vacuum cleaner to remove dust. Whenever possible (ideally at least once a year), or appeals to a dry cleaners to clean and sanitize your carpets.

The best solution is to replace carpets and rugs with surfaces that can be cleaned and sanitized more easily, such as flooring, linoleum or tiles.

Besides the fact that you have a house cleaner, you will greatly ease the work – these surfaces can be cleaned without much effort.

Bath and kitchen sponges

It is essential to change the bath and kitchen sponges often, but because it is not convenient to change them every day, here’s a tip that can help you get rid of bacteria but to do and economy. In a bowl you do not use it for cooking, put kitchen sponges and pour hot water over them with a detergent.

Let sponges in water a few minutes, then remove them and rinse them thoroughly with cold water. Repeat this operation for bathroom sponges. Careful! Do not put sponges on the bathroom and kitchen in the same bowl. They must be washed separately.

Cleaning with steam

Cleaning devices based on hot steam are extremely useful for efficient cleaning of a house. Ideal for the kitchen, where traces of grease on the stove and oven cured are difficult to remove these devices use very hot steam to remove dirt.

A very important thing is that hot steam can kill bacteria, leaving surfaces sanitized, without a detergent. A disadvantage is that using excess steam can contribute to mold growth.


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