What Things Draw Our Attention When We Step Into A Home?

Surely the first impression is extremely important. When stepping into a new home, each person tends to analyze space and form an opinion about that home, and about the host.

According to studies, a person needs less than 30 seconds to outline an impression on just enterng the house. In such times, there are several aspects that attract attention.

The first area that we contact when entering a house is the hall. A clean and welcoming entrance area is particularly important because it contributes to a first impression. Keep in mind that the hall is, above all, always clean and tidy. The design is also important, since it is the one that attracts attention. Emphasize the walls, appealing to a different color or wallpaper with a special imprint. Do not forget to place a mirror with a unique design that not only will be the focal point, and will make the space seem larger and brighter.

Regardless of how it is arranged space and the quality of parts used, the first thing one person notices, however, is clutter. Certainly not with this because you want to attract attention, raise all the magazines that you have scattered, it puts all the keys in a special holder, squeeze shoes lobby and store them in place. You can use decorative baskets to store all the items you do not know where to place them.

Another aspect that guests notice is the finish of the walls. First, you need to have the walls always clean and get rid of traces of dirt. Walls painted with white or beige tones are the most valued because it creates a feeling of space welcoming and bright. If you like the colors bolder, uses them on some wall-focus and try to avoid using them in the hall, for example.
Last but not least, do not ignore how your home smells. The fragrance is certainly noticed by anyone, so you need to take care for it to be noticed in a positive and not negative way.

And the fresh scents of vanilla are the ones that are most easily perceived. In your home, you should not miss candles of vanilla or citrus. Place them in your living or near the entrance so the fragrance to be spread throughout the house.


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