Practical Tips And How Often You Should Clean The Carpet

Dirty carpets are not only unsightly, but they are the perfect host for soot, pollutants and microbes. Discover how often you should clean the carpets and what the proper way is. These particles of dirt without you realize, are attacking the carpet fibers, when you step on them, leading to their deterioration.

Vacuum the carpets

The best way to keep carpets clean is vacuuming them more slowly from front to back. Repeat these steps as long a period. As longer you are vacuuming the carpets, the greater the chances to vacuum for more of the particles of dirt. In a medium-sized house, it is advisable to vacuum at least twice a week.

Professional cleaning

If you want your carpets enjoying a longer period, it is important to clean them professionally at least once a year. Most manufacturers recommend carpet steam cleaning method. The latter penetrate deeply into fibers and particles of dirt pick up. It also removes a great deal of moisture, dries carpets, so, very quickly.

DIY cleaners

In addition to regular cleaning, there are unexpected times when your carpets can get dirty, caused by accidents. The easiest way to remove stains appeared fresh is to rub them with water and dish soap or white vinegar. If you own a steam cleaner is sufficient to apply that mixture on the surface dirt and then vacuum, considering, however, to not pour much solution, so mold won’t appear.

Stains originating from fruit juices, soft drinks or milk you can remove mixing warm water with two tablespoons of household ammonia, rubbing the affected area with clean water and then clearing up. If the carpet was soiled with mud, most advisable is to leave it to dry, after which it you should take it off and the vacuum. You can remove the stains left with vacuum steam or water and dishwashing detergent.


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