Natural Tips For House Cleaning

I do not know how you are, but strong and pungent smells of traditional cleaning products give me chills. The only alternative is the natural cleaning methods. Not only they are environmentally friendly, but are also much cheaper than chemical ones.

If chemicals to clean increase the risk of allergies, irritate the skin and airways, these methods of natural healing are non-allergenic and does not present any risks, either for you or for those in your family, nor the environment.

Tea tree oil
A strong disinfectant that has no side effects whatsoever. It has antifungal effect and leaves a discreet. Add 10 drops of oil in 250 milliliters of water. Put the solution into a spray and you have a perfect disinfectant. It is an ideal solution for cleaning kitchen surfaces, bathroom and lacquered wood.

Although it is harmful in high concentrations, ammonia is harmful to the environment and is one of the best natural ways to clean windows and mirrors. Put a teaspoon of ammonia in 200 milliliters of water. Use the solution with a clean and perfect spray all glassware. It is highly effective for noble crystal and glass.

Coarse salt
It is a natural abrasive. Combine lemon juice and salt mixture that uses scouring powder. But it is a natural method of cleaning that does not irritate the airways and does not pollute.

White vinegar
Combined with liquid soap, white vinegar is an excellent dish detergent. Use some natural liquid soap and some white vinegar. You have the best and most natural dishwashing detergent. Once a week, solution drains from the sink and leave it on for about two hours. Disinfect and degrease.

Lemon juice, lemon peel is also on the list of natural methods to clean. Lemon peel and lemon juice squeezed, disinfect and whiten, without any of the toxic effects of chlorine.

Sodium bicarbonate naturally cleans areas with mold and refrigerator. Baking soda is exceptionally effective for stubborn stains from carpets, but also to clean countertops and sinks, as a solution.


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