Five Unexpected Uses Of Toothpaste

Toothpaste, besides its proper function, has many more uses than one can imagine. This is useful not only for our teeth care, but also to clean certain surfaces or objects home. It is eco-friendly for cleaning the house and is handy.

Remove stains from fabrics

Stains are the enemy of any housewife, especially when it comes to the tea or wine. These traces can be, however, removed, if applied quickly over them toothpaste. After you have covered the stains with a generous amount of toothpaste, rub the surface and leave a little paste to act 20 minutes. After passing this period that fabric wash, and if the stain persists, repeat the steps and traces will disappear altogether.

It cleans jewelry

One trick that is often resorted to by our parents for cleaning jewelery was toothpaste. Whether made of silver, gold or platinum jewelry, it can regain the glow of another time. All you have to do is rub them gently with a cloth or soft bristle brush with some toothpaste until he returned to the original color. Afterwards, rinse them with cold water and wipe them with a tissue paper.

It polishes metal surfaces

Toothpaste is perfect to clean metal surfaces. Thus, in addition to jewelry, you can call this product to clean door handles, appliance, kitchen appliances or other metal surfaces.

It removes odors

If certain objects, such as chopper, trash, fridge, knife, gained an unpleasant odor, you can use toothpaste to get rid of him. This is suitable if you chopped onion or garlic and chopper caught your hands and smell. Apply a teaspoon of toothpaste and rub those surfaces by hand to remove the smell from hands, and the object, after which rinse with warm water.

Remove stains on walls

If you have children and are at the age when trying their artistic side walls, you should not panic. With cotton cloth and toothpaste, wipe in a circular motion, pencil marks, and they will disappear quickly and easily.


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