Cleaning Tricks: 7 Steps To Make Cleaning Faster And More Efficiently

When you clean, to be productive and to finish as quickly, it is important to be organized. Find out what steps you need to follow and what their right order is.

Certainly, cleanliness is a difficult and unpleasant task for everyone and for this reason every person is looking for a way to finish quickly. Experts believe that the most common mistake is to clean room by room. Focusing more on a certain room, you get tired and you will not be able to just clean them all.

To clean up faster, firstly you must change your strategy. Experts believe that if you follow each step at a time, in the whole house, you’ll get much better results than if you clean an entire room and then you move to the next. For example, when removing dust, wipe it around the house, then pass to another activity. When you clean, you have to be organized: always start from the highest point of the room and move it into the room from left to its right. This way, you’ll be sure you have not missed any of the mistakes and will not have to worry because you drop lower dust on policies already cleaned.

First step: Remove the dust

When you clean, begin with dust. Wipe it from each room, from on all the furniture, including higher tops, where applicable, accessories, photo frames, TVs. To get rid of fingerprints, wipe them with a microfiber cloth soaked in warm water.

Step 2: Textiles

After you removed the dust, have in mind to do all bedding, if not accustomed to doing this as soon as you wake up. Arrange pillows and blankets and brush the surfaces of furniture fabric with a vacuum cleaner.

Step 3: Glass and mirror surfaces

The next step is to wipe all glass surfaces and mirrors. To ensure that no traces remain, use a damp microfiber cloth and then wipe with a dry one.

Step 4: Clean surfaces

Clean the different surfaces left and disinfect them if it is necessary. Do not ignore handles, switches, fixed phones and remote controls – these are surfaces that gather most bacteria.

Step 5: Clean the bathroom and kitchen

Apply disinfectant on the tubs, sinks and toilets, then come back and rub them. In the kitchen, wipe the microwave and household items.

Step 6: Flooring

Broom, then wash the floors in the bathrooms and kitchen and where is necessary. Use a disinfectant proper type of flooring that you have.

Step 7: Vacuum

The next step is to vacuum. Try to vacuum every room, starting from one end of the house. Use the brush provided to vacuum for inaccessible angles.

Being organized and cleaning following the steps in this order, you may notice that the entire process is much faster and better.


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