Are You Running Out Of Time? Do Not Panic! Cleaning Guide In 30 minutes

If you’ve just been told that you are about to receive a visit or you are short of time and need to do cleaning in 30 minutes, you should not panic. Following a series of steps away, you’ll be able to refresh your home and create a feeling of cleanliness and order.

When you have only half an hour to make order in your home, you must focus on the most visible things that attract the most attention. In addition, a scented candle will help you create a fresh fragrance in the house, so do not forget to have at hand such an accessory.

The first step you need to do is to arrange the least common areas: thus, collect scattered objects and clothes, arrange pillows and do not forget that you should not leave the bed unmade! Once you have collected the scattered things, your home will seem more airy and arranged.

After you have completed this step, it is imperative to remove the dishes from the sink and countertops in kitchen and bathroom. As it is not a general cleaning is not necessary to pay very much attention for this step. If the kitchen sink is full of dishes, have in mind to wash them. Nobody likes to see a sink full of dirty dishes. If you own a dishwasher, move the pots inside it, to release the sink.

Do not forget to empty the trash cans. This activity will not take you more than 5 minutes, so do not try to get over it. Afterward, you should have in mind to change some towels with cleaned ones and restock the toilet paper and soap, if necessary. Thus, with little effort, your bathroom will look clean. Also, make sure the toilet is clean.

If you have more time available to do the cleaning, the next step you need to follow is to remove all dust surfaces. Although an unpleasant activity, it should take no longer than five minutes. Last but not least, if time allows you, clean the floor by vacuuming it. An alternative for vacuum that is faster is to sweep, a solution that I recommend whenever you are running out of time.

Image Credits: Natuzzi via Pressloft


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