6 Places In The Kitchen You Should Not Forget To Clean

Having a home that shines every day is pretty complicated, especially if you are among those who have little free time. However, some rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen can not wait and must always be clean. Besides the areas you usually clean, there are some that you definitely neglect them.

1. The space under the refrigerator

The refrigerator should be cleaned constantly to not accumulate bacteria or to avoid food to spoil. However, the one place you should keep in mind is the space under it. Even if it is difficult to handle, do not forget to clean under the refrigerator, since leftovers and dust gather there. Also, do not forget to clean the top of it, which is the perfect place to dust deposits.

2. The Toaster

Appliances ease our daily work and the toaster is among them. Breakfast would not be as good without toast. But few people accustomed to clean it after each use, and the same is true in the case of apparatus for sandwiches. Accumulated debris will attract bacteria, which is why it is advisable to clean the devices at least once a week.

3. Trash can

Trash can is certainly a place where most bacteria gather and these bacteria spread and around the chimney. It is extremely important that when you clean, to wash not only the trash but also the furniture in the body where it was. If you want to use natural products based on mixtures of hot water and vinegar, lemon or baking soda are the most effective and helps you get rid and odor.

4. Battery and its surrounding areas

When you clean the sink, do not forget about battery, insisting in areas less accessible. Even if you wash sink constantly, often, water trickles from the tap and it gets filed in behind it, forming a layer of limestone or slime. Since you can not easily get to this place, you can use a toothbrush to scrub the grime.

5. The Washer

Whether is the dishwasher or the washing machine, contrary to the majority view, they gather bacteria and debris, even if it works with water and detergent. Clean the washing machine periodically, thus assuring them a longer lifespan.

6. The radiator

Last but not least, do not forget to clean the radior too, especially if it is near the stove. Few people pay attention to this, but if you want a kitchen as clean, it is important to not neglect it. As long as space allows, try to clean the area behind it.

Image Credits: Cooke & Lewis at B&Q via Pressloft


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